Tattto Removal

About Our Studio

Our Story

The majority of people who want their tattoos covered have no experience of the operation. They have no idea what can get them the best outcomes in the smallest period of time, or they are oblivious of the chance of scarring by using inferior lasers. If it's too late, or their capital has been spent in vain.

Our Core Values

Brisbane's Finest Tattoo Repair - Most gentlemen are apprehensive about "hanging out" in a beauty salon or clinic. There are hundreds of laser removal businesses out there that are nothing more than beauty spas and hospitals. We aren't.

We've taken the decision to stand out. We don't claim to be anything more than a tattoo removal clinic.

We want people to feel at ease when they visit us, so we've gone for a quirky and fun look.

But don't worry; we take our jobs seriously and stick to the highest clinical and infection prevention requirements.

Professional Tattoo Removers

If you have the desire to improve your appearance in some way, shape, or form, We'll help you look and feel your best.

5 Star

At our clinic we are extremely passionate about making our patients look and feel incredible!

Non-Surgical Treatments

Our treatments include a combination of non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance and rejuvenate your appearance.